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 AI Teacher

 VI Teacher

SPED Teacher

 Teacher of DB

Informal assessment and/or formal evaluation

 Contribute to assessment of communication skills and determination of primary mode of communication. Contribute to physical portion (otological and audiological information,) social/emotional, cognition, and achievement as it relates to AI

 Functional Vision Evaluation Learning Media Assessment Eye report VI Registration Consent form DB Census Consent form


 Functional Communication assessment (communication Matrix, ADAMLS, JvD’s Child guided Assess, ISA, SLK)

Contribution at ARD Meetings

 Contribute to AI Supplement (in ARD document), interpretation of otological and audiological reports; PLAAFP of communication skills

 VI Supplement (interpretation  of parts A&B, as they pertain to FVE/LMA); Contribute to PLAAFP on  use of vision; interpretation of eye report, recommendations from FVE/LMA


 DB Supplement (interpretation of AI/VI supplement as it pertains to DB implications)

Ongoing Data Collection

 Participate in ongoing data collection  and progress monitoring

 Participate in ongoing data collection  and progress monitoring

Data collection and progress monitoring

 Data collection and progress monitoring

Contribution at ARD Meetings Annual Goals and Objectives

Update Annual Goals and Obj’s  as they relate to AI (this may include communication, academics, and/or social emotional/behavior)

Annual Goals and Obj’s as they relate to VI

Annual Goals and Obj’s

Annual Goals and Obj’s – As they relate to DB

Contribution at ARD Meetings

Contribute to accommodation page as related to AI

Contribute to accommodation page as related to VI

Contribute to accommodation page

Contribute to accommodation page

Contribution at ARD Meetings

Provide parent information packet annually for A.I. (should include TSD and any other resources)

Parent information packet for VI (Annual ARD) Must include information on TSBVI; include Benefits of Braille if student is functionally blind; Benefits of O&M and any other resources and supportive agencies


Parent information packet for DB (Annual ARD)