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Handout from a webinar on Accessibility of Adobe Connect for Presenters and attendees.

Adobe Connect is a Flash application

Adobe Connect has many more accessibility features for presenters than for users.

Tell Participants before webinar

  • Use Internet Explorer it provides better accessibility for Flash.
  • TSBVI uses a phone bridge (ATT or PGI), we tell participant to Always cancel "audio conferencing"
  • Change the font in the Chat pod to a larger font size. Good for All users.

Presenters before webinar

  • You must send a direct link to the Adobe Connect Room for your course (the url of the window that opens before the Adobe Connect window opens). The general interface for selecting a course from a course listing is not accessible.
  • Adobe Connect Captioning Pod must install every time you create a new room. See Resources below. After the AdobeConnect webinar ends and before you close the meeting room, save the contents of the captioning pod for use when captioning the saved video of the webinar. You may also want to send the caption file to speakers and participants.
  • For all users (including low vision users), consider providing a description of the layout of the presentation window (at the beginning of the webinar, or send it to them before the webinar), so they know where to look. (Chat Pod- top left corner, Caption Pod – bottom left corner, etc.)
  • Change the font size in the text based pods like the Note pod and the Chat pod to a larger size. Easier reading for all users.
  • Anything in the File pod (a list of PowerPoint, other files/documents) - send separately before webinar as a single accessible document (zip file)
  • Hosts can change the name of all pods
  • Presenter must be mindful of placement of pods that pop-up as they will cover up information in the background.
  • Poll Pod
    • Presenter must make the pod large before opening so it can include all of the text of the question.
    • There is a limit of 65 displayed characters for the question. A screen reader will only read the text that is displayed.
    • Before you push the poll, you must make sure all of the question is displayed (65 character limit).
    • For low vision users always put polls (they pop up) in the top left corner of the screen so they are easy to find.
    • There is no indication of the number of choices.
      • You can put the number of items in the title (if space permits), e.g. "what are your 2 favorite colors from the 8 listed."
      • Or, presenter can announce the number of items in a poll.
      • The presenter will need to review results for multiple answer (checkboxes) and multiple choice (radio buttons)
      • You can also include the polls in the handout, so the user will know what is available. Also useful for longer than 65 character questions.
    • Discussion notes pod are emailed to all participants after the presentation.
    • Video pod - not used much. Buffering issues create an unacceptable user experience for videos longer than 90 seconds. We send a link to a posted video.
    • You can set up a participant as a presenter. They will have MUCH better access, but also have the ability to disrupt/crash/etc. your presentation if they are not very good users of adobe connect.


Control-F6 move clockwise between pods, Shift-Control-F6 to move in reverse through pods, Control-F8 open Settings Menu for a particular pod. Pod titles are announced when focused.

Chat pod

Someone on the presenter side monitors, if anything is pertinent to the presentation, then presentation is interrupted and chat message read. Consumer can get to the chat pod to type a comment. Default focus is the new message field. Shift-tab to read messages is the chat window.

Note: Important setting - Read the latest message first (steps below)

  • focus the chat pod,
  • hit Control-F8.
  • Arrow to "reverse order of messages."
  • Hit Enter.

Files pod

A listing of the information that is sent to participants beforehand. File pod is readable and operable from the keyboard.

  • Users can download all files
    • hit Control-F8 for the menu
    • arrow down to "Download All"
    • hit Enter
    • A new window opens
    • Use TAB key until you hear "Click to Download," hit enter
    • Users can download one file.
      • Focus the Files pod,
      • TAB to list box which will read first file name and size (and tell you how many files there are),
      • Down arrow to the file you want,
      • hit SPACE BAR.
      • A new window opens.
      • Use TAB key until you hear "Click to Download",
      • hit enter.

Polls pod

  • Pod pops up, alerts the user (beeps), and moves focus moves to the pod.
  • The question is read. (the only way to reread the question is to unfocus and refocus the pod (Control-F6 move focus to another pod, Shift-Control-F6 move focus back to Poll pod)
  • The user is placed on the first item.
  • Tabbing cycles through all of the answers.
  • There is no indication of the number of items, presenter must provide.
  • User can tab between items, use the enter key to select radio button or checkbox(s) to vote on an item.
  • When a short answer (edit field) is presented the question is asked, the user is already in the edit box (but no indication of being in the edit box is presented.)
    • type the answer,
    • tab to the submit button,
    • hit space to submit answer.
    • Tab again to read all of the results. There is no navigation within the results, they just read in one chunk.
    • When presenter closes the poll pod it will go away.

Discussion notes pod

Can only be read in one chunk from top to bottom. Discussion notes are emailed to all participants after the presentation

Weblinks pod

  • Tab into list box of web links,
  • arrow to select a web link to browse,
  • tab to "browse to" button,
  • space bar activates link and opens in a new browser window.

Raise hand

  • Control-space jump to menu
  • tab 2 times to "Set status button dropdown"
  • SPACEBAR raises hand.
  • SPACEBAR again lowers hand and announces "lower raised hand dropdown"
  • Or
  • CTRL+E will jump to the Set Status Button and raise hand CTRL+E will lower hand but no announcement of either condition is made.


Adobe Connect Captioning Pod

Keyboard shortcuts (mostly for presenters)

Texas Closed Captions

Adobe Connect Troubleshooting page https://<your room>