Short-Term Programs

Short-Term Programs serves students who are working on (or near) grade level with individualized instruction and group class settings on campus or online.

The Short-Term Programs department provides week long or weekend classes to students who are working on grade level with instruction in academic access, low vision, and the Expanded Core Curriculum, in collaboration with the student’s local school district. Students are taught on campus and online.

Attending a Short-Term Programs Class

Students will get to:

  • Interact with other students and adults with visual impairments who share many of their life experiences, thus supporting social-emotional development and self-advocacy. This alone can have a life-changing impact on a student’s perspective and willingness to learn in the classroom.
  • Practice supplementary skills and adaptations (before and after school) needed for food preparation, household tasks, personal organization and management, accessible recreational and leisure skills.
  • Experience the independence of living away from home for a short time, in a totally supported environment, making choices, and trying out new experiences on their own.
  • Better understand the need and value of using special adaptations related to vision loss.
  • Join in activities that access the campus at large as well as the community.

Are you interested in school year Short-Term Programs?

This link will direct you to info about the school year referral and application process. The referral opens every August and is the first step to school year STP admissions.

Take Me to STP
  • "I loved the staff and the students. My roommate was awesome. I tried new foods."

    Daine C. Student
  • "I learned how to use a TI-84 calculator and to draw on the EZ graph board. She showed us stuff about Math to help us in school. I also learned to cook some chili."

    Pete C. Student
  • "TSBVI has been a fun learning and growing experience for our granddaughter. And we look forward to her future with TSBVI."

    Ms. Kay Grandparent