Information provided regarding referrals and registration into our K-12 Comprehensive Programs and guides for families and districts to learn more.

K-12 Comprehensive Programs Start Here

Information about school day programs, calendars, residential programs, and student travel on weekends.

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Short-Term Programs Start Here

Short-Term Programs serves students who are working on (or near) grade level with individualized instruction and group class settings on campus or online.

Summer Programs Start Here

TSBVI offers summer enrichment programs that are engaging and educational for ages 6-22. Also offered are work programs for students ages 16-22.

Student Health Info

Overview of information about the TSBVI Health Center including a COVID-19 screening questionnaire for students and visitors; and guidelines for managing symptoms i.e., fever, cough, cold, diarrhea, vomiting, strep throat, and runny nose.

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Visit Family Lynx for more information for families!

TSBVI Family Lynx is a TSBVI community that connects families and empowers them to work together to support one another and the school.

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