AE Educational Philosophy: Texas Public Education

The vision statement and comprehensive goals for the school.


The Board shall adopt a vision statement and comprehensive goals for the School and the superintendent and monitor progress toward those goals. Education Code 11.1511(b)(2)


The mission of the Texas public education system is to ensure that all Texas children have access to a quality education that enables them to achieve their full potential and fully participate now and in the future in the social, economic, and educational opportunities in our state and nation. That mission is grounded on the conviction that a general diffusion of knowledge is essential for the welfare of Texas and the preservation of the liberties and rights of Texas citizens. It is further grounded on the conviction that a successful public education system is directly related to a strong, dedicated, and supportive family and that parental involvement in the school is essential for the maximum educational achievement of a child.


The objectives of public education are:

Objective 1: Parents will be full partners with educators in the education of their children.

Objective 2: Students will be encouraged and challenged to meet their full educational potential.

Objective 3: Through enhanced dropout prevention efforts, all students will remain in school until they obtain a diploma.

Objective 4: A well-balanced and appropriate curriculum will be provided to all students. Through that curriculum, students will be prepared to succeed in a variety of postsecondary activities, including employment and enrollment in institutions of higher education.

Objective 5: Educators shall cultivate in students an informed American patriotism and lead students in a close study of the founding documents of the United States and Texas. The purpose of this objective is to:

  1. Increase students’ knowledge of the deepest and noblest purposes of the United States and Texas.
  2. Enhance students’ intellectual independence so that students may become thoughtful, informed citizens who appreciate the fundamental democratic principles of our state and national heritage.
  3. Guide students toward understanding and productively functioning in a free enterprise society.

Objective 6: Qualified and highly effective personnel will be recruited, developed, and retained.

Objective 7: Texas students will demonstrate exemplary performance in comparison to national and international standards.

Objective 8: School campuses will maintain a safe and disciplined environment conducive to student learning.

Objective 9: Educators will keep abreast of the development of creative and innovative techniques in instruction and administration, using those techniques as appropriate to improve student learning.

Objective 10: Technology will be implemented and used to increase the effectiveness of student learning, instructional management, staff development, and administration.

Objective 11: The State Board of Education, TEA, and the commissioner shall assist school districts and charter schools in providing career and technology education to students.

The academic goals of public education are to serve as a foundation for a well-balanced and appropriate education. The students in the public education system will demonstrate exemplary performance in:

Goal 1: The reading and writing of the English language.

Goal 2: The understanding of mathematics.

Goal 3: The understanding of science.

Goal 4: The understanding of social studies.

Education Code 4.001,.002

Adopted:         9/27/91

Amended:       3/5/94, 1/24/97, 11/19/04, 8/6/21, 2/18/22

Reviewed:       11/13/92, 11/22/02