GR Relations with Governmental Entities


In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of School operations and government, the Board may contract, to the extent it deems feasible, with other school districts, local governments, and agencies of the state to study the feasibility of the performance of a governmental function or service by interlocal contract or to provide a governmental function or service that each party to the contract is authorized to perform individually. Govt. Code 791.001, 791.011(c); Education Code 30.022(d)

An interlocal contract must be authorized by the Board or by the as authorized by the Board to enter into such contracts, and the governing body of each contracting party must state the purpose, terms, rights, and duties of the contracting parties and must specify that each party paying for the performance of governmental functions or services shall make those payments from current revenues available to the paying party. The payment must be in an amount that fairly compensates the performing party for the services or functions performed under the contract, and the contract may be renewed annually. Govt. Code 791.011(d)-(f)


The School may agree or contract with another state agency for the provision of necessary and authorized services and resources.

Government Code 771.003(a)


Before providing or receiving a service or resource through an interagency contract, the School must enter into a written agreement or contract approved by the Superintendent and the head of the other agency that is a party to the agreement or contract.

Government Code 771.004(a)


The contract or agreement must specify the kind and amount of services or resources to be provided, the basis for computing reimbursable costs, and the maximum cost during the period of the agreement or contract.

Government Code 771.004(b)


A written contract or agreement is not required in a situation in which the amount involved is less than $50,000. Where an agreement or contract is not required, the School shall document the exchange through informal letters of agreement or memoranda.

Government Code 771.004(c), (d)

Adopted: 1/29/93

Amended: 3/22/96, 8/1/97, 5/28/03