GKC Visitors to the School

Any person with a legitimate interest shall be permitted to visit the School once they have cleared a security check.  All visitors are subject to the same rules and regulations governing conduct as apply to students and employees.  Proper photo identification such as a driver’s license or another government issued form of photo identification shall be required of any person on school grounds.  Any person perceived as a threat to students or who violates School rules may be evicted and may be subject to arrest and prosecution.


Visitor Database

TSBVI has established an electronic database for the purpose of storing information concerning visitors to campus.  Information stored in the electronic database may be used only for the purpose of school security and may not be sold or otherwise disseminated to a third party for any purpose.

The Superintendent shall develop written procedures concerning visitors to the School that, at a minimum, address campus security and use of the Visitor’s Quarters.


On-campus visitors for students must be specifically permitted by parents through a signed consent form. Parental permission must also be obtained through a signed consent form prior to allowing any visitors to take a student under 18 off campus for any reason.  Visitors shall observe all school regulations and schedules.  Visiting privileges may be withdrawn from any person who violates rules, serves as an inappropriate role model for students, or otherwise poses a threat to the safety and well-being of students.


Visitors, parents, and interns with a legitimate interest may be provided lodging at the School with administrative approval, and on a space-available basis so long as this does not interfere with the operation of the Schools’ programs. Such visitors shall abide by administrative procedures.

Sex Offenders

TSBVI may verify whether a visitor to TSBVI is a sex offender registered with the computerized central database maintained by the Department of Public Safety as provided by Code of Criminal Procedure 62.005 or any other database accessible by the School.

The Board shall adopt a policy regarding the action to be taken by the administration of a school campus when a visitor is identified as a sex offender.

Education Code 38.022

Notice of Entry onto School Premises

“Premises” means a building or portion of a building and the grounds on which the building is located, including any public or private driveway, street, sidewalk or walkway, parking lot, or parking garage on the grounds.

“School” means a private or public elementary or secondary school or a day-care center.

A registered sex offender who enters the premises of any school in Texas shall immediately notify the administrative office of the school of the person’s presence on the premises of the school and the person’s registration status.  The office may provide a chaperon to accompany the person while the person is on the premises of the School.

These requirements do not apply to:

  1. A student from another school participating at an event at the School; or
  2. A person who has entered into a written agreement with the School that exempts the person from these requirements.

Code of Crim. Proc. 62.064; Health and Safety Code 481.134

Adopted:         1/13/79

Amended:       11/13/81, 1/29/93, 3/21/97, 5/28/03, 1/30/04, 6/1/18