FFFA Student Safety: Supervision of Students


The Superintendent shall ensure that all TSBVI students are safely and adequately supervised during school hours and after school and during all school-related functions.

The Superintendent shall ensure that all students are safely and adequately supervised and that all student activities are appropriate to the abilities and ages of student participants and are designed to:

  1. Minimize and prevent the occurrence of student injury.
  2. Accommodate the student’s need for medical care related to the student’s medical condition or to a student injury.


The number of staff present and supervising at each student activity and the method of student supervision used shall be determined based on the following factors.

  1. The nature of the activity.
  2. The location of the activity.
  3. The age of the students participating in the activity.
  4. The ability of the students to participate in the activity.


The Superintendent shall ensure that all staff who directly supervise a student or students during school hours and after school or during school-related functions are informed of the required levels and methods of supervision.

Information regarding each student’s level of supervision is included in the Student Care Summary available on the Campus Info site (TSBVI Intranet) to staff assigned to each student. (See Procedure P.1.6)

When appropriate, the kinds of information given to staff persons might include such information as whether the student or students need(s) continuous or non-continuous supervisory presence of a staff member.


Each staff member shall report immediately to his/her supervisor any incident when, in the staff person’s opinion, students are not safely and adequately supervised.   If a staff member has reason to believe that a failure to properly supervise a student has exposed a student or students to likely physical harm, the suspecting staff member must report that belief in accord with Board Policy FFG, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, and Improper Care.

Adopted:         3/31/98
Amended:       3/21/03, 11/20/15