EHAB Basic Instructional Program: Required Instruction (Elementary)


The School must provide instruction in the required curriculum related to kindergarten through grade 5 as specified in 19 TAC 74.1 (relating to Essential Knowledge and Skills).

The School shall ensure that sufficient time is provided for teachers to teach and students to learn English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, health, physical education, technology applications, and to the extent possible, languages other than English.

19 TAC 74.2


In accordance with Education Code 28.002, all students enrolled in kindergarten or grades 1-5 in an elementary school setting are required to participate in moderate or vigorous daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes throughout the school year, as part of the School’s physical education program or through structured activity during daily recess.

If the School determines, for any particular grade level, that requiring moderate to vigorous daily physical activity is impractical due to scheduling concerns or other factors, it may as an alternate require a student in that grade level to participate in moderate or vigorous physical activity for at least 135 minutes during the school week.

A student who is unable to participate in the required physical activity because of illness or disability is exempt from this requirement.

Education Code 28.002(l)


If appropriate under a student’s IEP, students in full-day kindergarten-grade 5 shall participate in daily, unstructured physical activity for 30 minutes throughout the school year as part of daily recess.  Implementation of 30 minutes of unstructured recess time each day is in addition to the 135 minutes of structured physical activity.

Recess, while separate and distinct from physical education, is an essential component of the total educational experience for elementary-aged children; therefore, students may not be denied recess as a means of punishment, to complete work, or to attend tutorials.


A school that provides instruction for grade 6 in a self-contained elementary class as part of elementary school shall provide instruction for students in grade 6 in all of the Middle School 1 TEKS for art, dance, music, and theatre as specified in 19 Administrative Code Chapter 117.  Education Code 28.002(c-1); 19 TAC 74.2(b)


TSBVI shall provide for the use of a phonics curriculum that uses systematic direct instruction in first through third grade to ensure all students obtain necessary early literacy skills.

TSBVI shall certify to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that the School prioritizes placement of highly effective teachers in first through second grade and has integrated reading instruments used to diagnose reading development and comprehension to support each student in first through third grade.

Education Code 28.0062(a)(1), (a)(3) [See DMA for early literacy personnel requirements]

Adopted:                     11/13/81

Amended:                   9/21/84, 9/27/90, 5/30/91, 9/27/91, 5/24/96, 1/24/97, 1/30/04, 9/22/06, 11/16/07, 1/25/13, 4/5/19, 1/31/20

Reviewed:                   1/28/05