EC (TSBVI) School Day


The Superintendent shall require students, once during each school day, to recite the pledges of allegiance to the United States and Texas flags.  On written request from a student’s parent or guardian, the School shall excuse the student from reciting a pledge of allegiance.

Minute of Silence

The Superintendent shall provide for the observance of one minute of silence following the recitation of the pledges of allegiance.  During the one-minute period, each student may reflect, pray, meditate, or engage in any other silent activity that is not likely to interfere or distract another student.  Each teacher or other school employee in charge of students during that period shall ensure that each student is silent and does not act in a manner that is likely to interfere with or distract another student.  Education Code 25.082


The Superintendent shall ensure that interruptions of classes during the school day for non-academic activities such as announcements and sales promotions are limited.  Announcements shall be made no more than once during the school day, except for emergency announcements.

Loss of Class time

The Board shall adopt and strictly enforce a policy limiting the removal of students from class for remedial tutoring or test preparation.  TSBVI may not remove a student from a regularly scheduled class for remedial tutoring or test preparation if, as a result of the removal, the student would miss more than ten percent of the school days on which the class is offered, unless the student’s ARD committee consents for removal from class for such purpose.  [See EHBC for provisions on tutorial services.]  Education Code 25.083

Adopted:          3/7/80

Amended:        11/11/83, 1/23/87, 1/26/90, 9/27/91, 1/26/96, 11/19/99, 5/28/03, 4/1/05, 4/05/13, 11/15/18