DMBA (TSBVI) Special Programs Training: Training Related to Visual Impairment


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that TSBVI develops and implements a comprehensive training program for instructional and other staff who work with students.  The intent is to establish a fundamental core of information, knowledge, and concepts directly related to the education of students with visual impairments which must be mastered by specified personnel employed at TSBVI.


The training program will consist of intensive training in the foundations of visual impairments covering the effects of visual impairment on development, building independence, eye anatomy, conditions and medications, working with parents, instructional strategies and adaptations, tactual adaptations, low vision adaptations, eligibility and services, the expanded core curriculum, adapted technology and orientation and mobility.  Components of the instruction will be a program of courses in Bridge as well as face to face training.  All required instruction and activities (homework, tests, etc.) must be completed within a twelve-month period after hire.


The Superintendent shall ensure that procedures are developed to implement this policy.


The following staff shall be required to take TSBVI’s training program in foundations of visual impairment, except for those staff who hold the Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI) supplemental certification from the State Board of Educator Certification:

  1. Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSPs)
  2. Social Workers
  3. Speech Pathologists
  4. Outreach professional staff whose assignments do not require the TVI supplemental certification
  5. Physical and Occupational Therapists and OT/PT Assistants
  6. Teacher Aides (all levels)
  7. Job Coaches and other paraeducator Career Education staff.
  8. Health Center Director (training is optional for other nurses)
  9. Staff Development Coordinator
  10. Residential Directors
  11. Assistant Residential Director
  12. Dorm Managers
  13. Residential Instructors (not including overnight residential instructors)

If an employee changes positions so that the new position requires a higher level of training under the provisions of this policy, that employee shall complete the additional requirements within the timelines established by this policy.

Adopted:         5/8/81 (as Policy DBA)

Amended:       6/29/84, 7/12/85, 1/23/87, 7/17/87, 11/12/87, 9/15/88, 6/1/89, 1/26/90, 5/28/92, 5/26/95, 9/29/95, 11/17/95 (as DBA), 11/14/97 (as DMBA), 9/22/00, 6/1/18