DKAA (TSBVI) Assignments and Schedules: Work Location Other than the TSBVI Campus


The Superintendent may authorize an employee to have a work location other than the TSBVI campus. Authorizing a work location other than the TSBVI campus:

  1. Must result in a measurable benefit to TSBVI which would not otherwise accrue if the employee were not allowed to work in the alternate work location; or enable the work to be performed more efficiently; and
  2. May not result in additional risk to the School, a decrease in employee efficiency, or an unacceptable decrease of services to other school employees, students, or other persons served by the employee; and
  3. For employees hired after October 1, 2004, may not involve an agreement for TSBVI to pay any costs necessitated by the employee’s travel to and from administrative meetings on the TSBVI campus required by the employee’s supervisor.


The Superintendent shall ensure that a written agreement is entered into with each employee prior to authorizing a work location other than the TSBVI campus. Each written agreement shall address each of the following topics:

  1. Determination of work schedule and requirements for reporting work activities;
  2. Designation of employee travel headquarters;
  3. Determination of arrangements for travel reimbursement, except as described in number 3., above;
  4. Determination of arrangements for all communications necessary for the employee to perform the duties of the position, including, but not limited to, communication by telephone, fax, and electronic mail;
  5. Arrangements for employee supplies, equipment and administrative support;
  6. Determination of times the employee is required to be present on the TSBVI campus;
  7. Determination of the relationship between employee travel time and time counted towards hours the employee is required to work; and
  8. Determination of any arrangements whereby the employee is allowed to use on-campus facilities for lodging.

Adopted: 3/30/99

Amended: 9/24/04