DI (TSBVI) Employee Welfare

The Texas Facilities Commission has responsibility for all duties on behalf of TSBVI to achieve compliance with the Hazard Communications Act as follows:


1. Post and maintain adequate notice, at locations where notices are normally posted, informing employees of their rights under the Hazard Communication Act. Health and Safety Code 502.017(a), .017(a)

Education and Training

2. Provide an education and training program for employees who use or handle hazardous chemicals. “Employee” means a person who may be or may have been exposed to hazardous chemicals in the person’s workplace under normal operating conditions or foreseeable emergencies. Workers such as office workers or accountants who encounter hazardous chemicals only in nonroutine, isolated instances are not “employees” for purposes of these requirements. Health and Safety Code 502.003(10), 502.009

3. Keep the written hazard communication program and a record of each training session given to employees, including the date, a roster of the employees who attended, the subjects covered in the training session, and the names of the instructors.  Records shall be maintained for at least five years. Health and Safety Code 502.009(g)

Workplace Chemical List

4. Compile and maintain a workplace chemical list that contains required information for each hazardous chemical normally present in the workplace or temporary workplace in excess of 55 gallons or 500 pounds, or as determined by the Commissioner of Health and Human Services and reported by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for certain highly toxic or dangerous hazardous chemicals.  The list must be readily available to employees and their representatives.  All employees shall be made aware of the list before working with or in a work area containing hazardous chemicals. Health and Safety Code 502.005(a)-(c) [See]

5. Update the list as necessary, but at least by December 31 of each year, and maintain the list for at least 30 years.  Each workplace chemical list shall be dated and signed by the person responsible for compiling the information.  Health and Safety Code 502.005(b)-(d)

Safety Data Sheets

6.   Maintain a legible copy of the most current manufacturer’s safety data sheets (SDS) for each hazardous chemical.  If TSBVI does not have a current SDS for a hazardous chemical when the chemical is received, TSBVI shall request an SDS in writing from the manufacturer or distributor in a timely manner or otherwise obtain a current SDS. Safety data sheets shall be readily available, on request, for review by employees or designated representatives at each workplace. Health and Safety Code 502.006

Protective Equipment

7.   Provide employees with appropriate personal protective equipment. Health and Safety Code 502.017(b)


A label on an existing container of a hazardous chemical may not be removed or defaced unless it is illegible, inaccurate, or does not conform to the OSHA standard or other applicable labeling requirement.  Primary and secondary containers must be relabeled in accordance with Health and Safety Code 502.007(a).  An employee may not be required to work with a hazardous chemical from an unlabeled container except for a portable container intended for the immediate use of the employee who performs the transfer.  Health and Safety Code 502.007


The Director of Support Services shall notify persons who work in TSBVI buildings or facility of an indoor pest control treatment by:

  1. Posting the sign provided by the certified applicator or technician in an area of common access the employees are likely to check on a regular basis at least 48 hours before each planned treatment.
  2. Providing the pest control information sheet made available by the certified applicator or technician to a person working in the building on request.

Occupations Code 1951.455; 4 TAC 7.146, .147 [See Policy CLB (TSBVI) ]

Education Code 30.022 (h-1)

Adopted:         1/23/87

Amended:       5/28/92, 5/26/94, 3/21/03, 3/26/04, 6/1/18

Reviewed:       1/26/96