CKFB – Risk Management: Return to Work Program


The School, as a State agency, shall be required to actively manage risks by developing, implementing, and maintaining health and safety programs designed to assist employees who sustain compensable injuries to return to work.

Texas Labor Code, Title 5, Subtitle A, Chapter 412, Section 412.051


The School shall develop a procedure to implement the return to work program. The procedure will include provisions to:

  1. obtain medical information sufficient to determine an employee’s work capabilities and limitations following an injury;
  2. place an employee recovering from an injury, or illness, in a temporary modified duty assignment which meets his/her medical restrictions, if possible; and
  3. maintain regular contact with employees who cannot return to work in a modified capacity.

The procedure will establish the conditions and restrictions under which modified duty assignments are made, and will establish consequences for refusal of modified duty assignments that meet the employee’s medical restrictions identified from the worker’s compensation injury.

See Policy DEC and Procedure A.2.3.10 for return to work requirements and FMLA leave steps and return to work requirements.

Adopted:         3/22/96

Amended:       11/19/99, 5/31/19

Reviewed:       1/31/03