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CKE – Safety Program/Risk Management: Security Personnel

Security Personnel

TSBVI employs security personnel to carry out the provisions of Education Code Chapter 37, Subchapter C, relating to law and order.


The TSBVI Board shall determine the jurisdiction of security personnel, which may include all territory in the boundaries of the School and all property outside the boundaries of the School that is owned, leased, or rented by or otherwise under the control of TSBVI.


The Board shall determine the law enforcement duties of security personnel. Security personnel may eject any unauthorized person from the state property grounds of TSBVI. The duties must be included in:

  1. TSBVI’s improvement plan under Education Code 11.252 [see Policy BQ];
  2. The student code of conduct adopted under Education Code 37.001 [see Policy FO]; and
  3. Any other campus document describing the role of security personnel in the School. TSBVI security personnel shall perform law enforcement duties for the School that must include protecting the safety and welfare of any person in the jurisdiction of the security personnel; and the property of TSBVI. In determining the law enforcement duties, the Board must coordinate with TSBVI campus behavior coordinators and other School employees to ensure that security personnel are tasked only with duties related to law enforcement intervention and not tasked with behavioral or administrative duties better addressed by other School employees.

Gov’t Code 2165; Education Code 37.081(a); 37.103, .107

Prohibited Duties

TSBVI may not assign or require as duties of TSBVI security personnel:

  1. Routine student discipline or school campus administrative tasks;
  2. Contact with students unrelated to duties of security personnel;

This provision does not prohibit any School security staff having informal contact with a student regarding an incident of student behavior or law enforcement.

Education Code 37.8; 37.103; 37.107

The holder of a handgun license does not commit a criminal offense under Penal Code 46.035 by carrying a handgun in a building where a high school sporting event or interscholastic event is taking place or at an open meeting of the Board when the person is lawfully carrying a handgun pursuant to a board’s written regulations and authorization. The Board may appoint a school marshal and authorize another person to serve under the School’s regulations and authorization under Penal Code 46.03(a)(1). Attorney General. Op. GA-1051 (2014) (citing Education Code 11.151(b)

Adopted:         4/6/18

Amended:       9/28/20