BJCD Superintendent: Evaluation and Appraisal

The Board employs and evaluates the Superintendent.  Education Code 11.1513(a)(1)  [See Policy DC]


The Board shall have an evaluation system that provides periodic written evaluations of the Superintendent at annual or more frequent intervals.


The Board shall appraise the Superintendent annually. The Board may use the commissioner’s recommended appraisal process and criteria or a local superintendent appraisal system.  In addition to other procedures and criteria determined by the board, the commissioner’s recommended appraisal process and criteria shall include, at a minimum, an annual evaluation of the superintendent and a student performance domain.  Education Code 21.354(c);19 TAC 150.1031


The information in the annual report describing the educational performance of the School (see AIB and BQ series) shall be a primary consideration of the Board in evaluating the Superintendent.  Education Code 39.307(3)(C)


TSBVI funds may not be used to pay the superintendent who has not been appraised in the preceding 15 months.  Education Code 21.354(d)


A document evaluating the performance of the superintendent is confidential and is not subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act, Government Code Chapter 552.  [See GBA]

TSBVI may give the Texas Education Agency (TEA) a document evaluating the performance of a superintendent employed by the agency for purposes of an investigation conducted by TEA.  A document provided to TEA remains confidential unless the document becomes part of the record in a contested case under the Administrative Procedure Act, Government Code Chapter 2001.

Except as provided by a court order prohibiting disclosure, a document provided to TEA may be used in a disciplinary proceeding against a superintendent if the document may be admitted under rules of evidence applicable to a contested case under Government Code 2001.081.

Education Code 21.355

Adopted:             6/14/80

Amended:           3/12/82, 9/10/82, 1/25/91, 3/22/91, 1/29/93, 3/25/94, 11/18/94, 1/26/96, 11/15/96, 1/28/00, 1/26/18, 9/27/19