BJCD-E Superintendent: Evaluation


Note:  The following procedures may be used in whole or in part for the Superintendent’s evaluation.

The Board shall establish an annual calendar providing for the following activities, in which both the Board and the Superintendent shall participate:

  1. Procedures for setting goals that define expectations and set priorities for the Superintendent.
  2. Formative conference.
  3. Summative conference.

The Superintendent shall be involved in developing, selecting, or revising the appraisal instrument and process.

Student performance shall be a part of appraisal instruments for the Superintendent as specified in Education Code 39.054.

A student performance domain shall be included in the appraisal of the Superintendent.

The domains and descriptors used to evaluate the Superintendent may also include:

  1. Instructional management.
  2. School or organization morale.
  3. School or organization improvement.
  4. Personnel management.
  5. Management of administrative, fiscal, and facilities functions.
  6. Student management.
  7. School or community relations.
  8. Professional growth and development.
  9. Performance objectives.
  10. Board relations.

In developing the appraisal instrument, the Board shall use the Superintendent’s job description as applicable.

The Board may implement a process for collecting staff input for evaluating the Superintendent.  If such a process is implemented for use in the Superintendent’s evaluation, staff input shall not be anonymous.

Before conducting the Superintendent’s appraisal, Board members shall have evidence of training in appropriate personnel evaluation skills related to the locally established criteria and process.

The School, with the approval of the Board, may select the student performance domain for the Superintendent or may develop an alternative process in consultation with the campus-level committee and adopted by the Board.  If the School uses the student performance domain, it shall meet the following requirements:

  1. The results on the student performance domain shall be incorporated into the local appraisal instrument;
  2. The results on the student performance domain shall be a consideration of the Board in evaluating the Superintendent; and
  3. For a Superintendent new to TSBVI, the results from the student performance domain shall be on a “report only” basis during the first year.

Adopted:         1/28/00

Amended:       1/25/19