BJCB Superintendent: Professional Development

The Superintendent shall provide leadership in professional growth and development through activities such as participating in professional associations; conducting himself/herself in an ethical and professional manner; disseminating ideas and information to the Board and to other professionals within and outside of TSBVI; and seeking and using evaluative information for improvement of performance.

In accomplishment of this, the Superintendent may visit other schools; attend educational conferences, seminars, workshops, and other professional meetings; and maintain communication with related organizations and agencies.


The Superintendent’s participation in team building sessions, as part of the Board’s continuing education, (see BBD) shall represent one component of the Superintendent’s ongoing professional development. 19 TAC 61.1(b)

Identifying and Reporting Abuse

Continuing education requirements for the superintendent must include at least two and a half hours of training every five years on identifying and reporting potential victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other maltreatment of children.  Education Code 21.054(h)

Adopted:                     3/7/80

Amended:                   3/26/93, 5/24/96, 1/31/20

Reviewed:                   11/19/99, 11/21/03