BJCA School Superintendent: Travel

The Board acknowledges that the Superintendent may engage in reasonable travel activities related to the duties of the office and to participate in staff development activities that will increase the Superintendent’s knowledge and skills.  The Superintendent shall regularly inform the Board of travel activities.

The Superintendent’s travel and reimbursement for expenses shall be in accord with applicable Texas laws and rules governing travel by heads of Texas agencies.


Prior to being out of town, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable, the Superintendent shall designate a school administrator to exercise the authority of the office of Superintendent.  The Superintendent will communicate to the President of the Board and to other School administrators the name of the designated acting superintendent.  In emergency or crisis situations, the designated administrator shall make every reasonable effort to contact the Superintendent for directions and decisions.

Adopted:         3/7/80

Amended:       3/26/93, 1/23/15

Reviewed:       9/27/96, 3/21/03