BJBA School Superintendent: Superintendent’s Residence


The Superintendent of the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired may reside on the campus.  Education Code 30.023(c)

If the Board determines that it is necessary for the Superintendent to reside on campus to effectively carry out the job responsibilities of the position, the Board may require the Superintendent to reside at the School in TSBVI Building 509, also known as the Superintendent’s Residence.

If the Board does not require the Superintendent to reside at the School, the Superintendent may allow another school employee to reside in the Superintendent’s Residence if the Superintendent determines that the employee’s residence is necessary to effectively carry out the job responsibilities of the position.


If the Superintendent is required or another employee is allowed to reside at the School:

  1. The Board of Trustees shall enter into a housing agreement with the Superintendent or other employee setting forth the rights and responsibilities concerning the occupancy of the residence. The Board shall ensure that maintenance and upkeep of the Superintendent’s Residence is in accordance with the housing agreement and with the provisions of the General Appropriations Act. Education Code 30.023(c), General Appropriations Act, Article IX
  2. The Administrator of Business, Operations, and Technology shall ensure that:
    1. an annual inspection of the Superintendent’s Residence to identify items for maintenance and repair; and
    2. an annual inventory of all furniture, equipment and accessories in the Superintendent’s Residence that are the property of TSBVI.
  3. The Chief Financial Officer shall submit to the Board annually a report containing the following information:
    1. Maintenance performed during the fiscal year;
    2. A comparison of budgeted to actual expenditures for the upkeep of the house and grounds;
    3. Results of the annual inspection and recommendations for maintenance and repair;
    4. Results of the annual property inventory;
    5. Any additional information that the Board may request.
  4. The School shall report to the Legislative Budget Board annually all employees who received housing at the School, the estimated fair market rental value of housing supplied by the School, and the amount of revenue recovered for the housing, if any. 2014-2015 General Appropriations Act, Article IX, Sec. 1104(a)


Out of appropriations in the General Appropriations Act, expenditures exceeding an aggregate amount of $25,000 for the biennium, may not be made for purchasing, remodeling, or repairing of any one particular personal residence or living quarters unless the expenditures are:

  1. Required by court order; will result in increased safety, significant net cost savings, or prevention of substantial waste; or are specifically identified in a Capital Budget in the Appropriations Act; and
  2. The Governor and Legislative Budget Board have approved the expenditure.

2014-2015 General Appropriations Act, Article IX, Sec. 1101

Adopted:         5/31/90

Amended:        11/22/91, 1/29/93, 1/23/98, 11/22/02, 7/23/07, 1/23/15, 4/5/19