BI (TSBVI) Administrative Goals and Objectives


The Board, staff, and administration of the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired will provide an instructional program and support services that are committed to excellence and guided by the philosophy of this School and the mission statement of public education in Texas, in accord with the following goals:


  1. To develop and improve curriculum based on the needs of students, and based on the most recent findings of the profession regarding the educational needs, and curriculum and techniques to meet the needs, of students who are visually impaired;
  2. To provide physical facilities (buildings, grounds, and equipment) that are safe, accessible, and requisite for the students and staff, and to the achievement of program objectives;
  3. To establish and follow sound and equitable policies and practices for personnel administration, hiring, and utilization of personnel resources;
  4. To promote public relations activities to foster public understanding, approval, and support of School policies and programs, and to assume responsibility for increasing the awareness of the community and state regarding the characteristics, attributes, and needs of individuals who are blind, or visually impaired;
  5. To establish and maintain a systematic process of accounting for services and finances in order to assure effectiveness in using resources to achieve school objectives;
  6. To improve instruction through a staff development program, support of educational research, and the development of instructional methods and materials;
  7. To attract and retain qualified and effective teachers and other direct service staff;
  8. To organize and manage all levels of the school district productively, efficiently, and accountably.
  9. To involve parents and other members of the community in the improvement of the School.
  10. To assure a School environment exists in which the safety and welfare of students is safeguarded.
  11. To provide statewide services to parents of students with visual impairments, school districts, regional education service centers, and other agencies serving students with visual impairments, including students who have one, or more, disabilities, in addition to the visual impairment, such as students who are deafblind.
  12. To cooperate with public and private agencies and organizations serving students and other persons with visual impairments in the planning, development, and implementation of effective educational and rehabilitative service delivery systems associated with educating students with visual impairments.


The Superintendent shall establish annual objectives to implement the administrative goals.

Adopted: 1/24/97
Reviewed: 1/30/04

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