BDB – Board Internal Organization: Committees

The Board may from time to time as it deems necessary create committees to facilitate the efficient operation of the Board.

A committee that includes one or more Board members and has supervision or control over public business or public policy is subject to the Open Meetings Act when it meets to discuss public business or policy.

A committee that includes less than a quorum of Board members is not subject to the Open Meetings Act if it serves a purely advisory function, with no power to supervise or control public business.  However, should the committee actually function as something more than a merely advisory board with the result that it in fact supervises or controls public business or policy, it must comply with the Open Meetings Act to avoid depriving the public of access to the Board’s actual decision-making process.

See Education Code 11.061(c)(3); 30.022(d); Atty. Gen. Op. No. JM-1072 (1989) H-3 (1973); see also Atty. Gen. Op. LO-97-058 (1997).

A majority of the Board must approve the creation of a committee.

The President shall appoint and remove members to committees created by the Board, including a committee chairperson and vice-chairperson.


The Board shall have standing committees for:

  1. Audit, Compliance, and Management Review
  2. Finance
  3. Programs and
  4. Personnel

Adopted:         1/16/90

Amended:       5/29/87, 9/15/88, 11/17/89, 11/22/91, 5/23/97, 9/26/97, 11/14/97, 1/24/02, 6/2/10, 11/21/14, 4/5/19

Reviewed:       11/13/92, 1/31/14