BDAD (TSBVI) – Board Officers and Officials: Duties and Requirements of Board Secretary and Recording Secretary

This policy outlines the duties of the board secretary.

The board secretary may or may not be a Board member selected by the Board, and is charged with the following duties:

  1. Reviewing the minutes of board meetings from the Recording Secretary.
  2. Signing the minutes, verifying that the minutes are a true and accurate summary of the discussion and actions taken by the Board.


The recording secretary shall be selected by the Superintendent.  The Recording Secretary is charged with:

  1. Taking, recording and maintaining minutes of all meetings,
  2. Providing Board meeting agendas and related materials to Board members in advance of scheduled Board meetings,
  3. Preparing and posting notices of all proposed meetings, and
  4. Handling necessary correspondence with Board members.

In the absence of the designated recording secretary, an alternate staff secretary shall be selected by the Superintendent.

Adopted:          3/7/80
Amended:         11/13/92, 1/31/14
Reviewed:       11/14/97, 1/24/02
Deleted: 9/30/22