BBG (TSBVI) – Board Members: Compensation and Expenses

This policy outlines how board members can be compensated for expenses.


Members of the Board serve without salary, but are entitled to reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses incurred in carrying out official duties related to their role as members of the Board.

Education Code 30.022(c)


Reimbursement for Board members shall consist of actual expenses for meals and lodging when traveling within or outside the State of Texas on official business.

As a state agency the School may pay or reimburse a travel expense only if:

  1. the expense is reasonable and necessary; and
  2. the purpose or the travel clearly involves official state business and is consistent with the agency’s legal authority. Examples include Board meetings, strategic planning sessions, budget work sessions, and required training topics.

Gov’t Code 660.003(e)

Cost Effective

The School shall minimize the amount of travel expenses paid or reimbursed by the School. The School shall ensure that each travel arrangement is the most cost effective considering all relevant circumstances.

Gov’t Code 660.007

To reduce travel expenditures for training purposes, the School shall use interactive television, video conference technology, and telephone conferences to the greatest extent possible.

Gov’t Code 660.147

This provision is subject to any other legal provisions governing the meetings and deliberations of the Board.  (See BE)

Board training should be provided in common with the entire board whenever possible.

Board training should be provided by local resources, including School administrators and staff, whenever possible. When external expertise is required, preference should be given to providers from the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), Regional Education Service Center 13, and to those providers approved by TEA for training school board members.

Attendance at Conventions, Conference, and Workshops

Payment or reimbursement to Board members for reasonable travel expenses for attendance at regional, state, or national conventions, conferences, and workshops shall be made by the School when deemed necessary or desirable to carry out the official duties related to the governance roles of Board members.

Attendance at a convention, conference, or workshop is related to the role of a Board member if the content addresses:

  1. training required for Board members,
  2. continuing education for governance leadership required for all school board members, or
  3. training topics in accord with priorities and continuing education framework established by the Board (See BBD).

Education Code 11.159; 19 TAC 61.1; Education Code 45.105

A Board member’s attendance at a convention, conference, or workshop primarily intended for educational practitioners does not generally qualify as performing an official duty related to the governance of the School.

Prior Approval for Individual Board Members

Requests of an individual board member for payment or reimbursement for travel expenses related to attendance at a convention, conference, or workshop must be submitted in writing to the Board President in advance of attendance. The request should include information about the conference, including its name, location, approximate travel costs, and a rationale for attending the conference that directly relates to the governance functions of the board member.

This provision of prior approval does not apply to attendance at conventions, conferences, workshops, or other training sessions approved by the Board in a convened meeting.

It is the responsibility of the Board President to approve or deny payment for the travel expenses of an individual board member related to attendance at a convention, conference, or workshop. The President may choose to delegate to the Board in a convened meeting the specific request of an individual board member. (See BDAA)


The School will pay for or reimburse a Board member for expenses deemed necessary to assist a Board member with a disability to perform her or his duties. These services can include a travel attendant, a driver, or other task-related assistance.  Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, Pub. L. No. 101-336, 104 Stat. 328 (1990); Gov’t Code 660.143

The School may not pay the travel expenses of spouses and other persons who have no responsibilities or duties to perform for the Board when they accompany Board members to Board-related activities except as provided by Article IX of the General Appropriations Act.  Atty. Gen. Op. MW-93 (1979)


An officer of a school district who is engaged in official business may participate in the comptroller’s contract for travel services.  Gov’t Code 2171.055(f); 34 TAC 20.046(b)(2)(F)

Note:  For guidance regarding board member expense reimbursement and income tax issues, see the TSBVI Board of Trustees Orientation Manual’s Guide for Reimbursement of Board Members’ Travel Expenses.

Adopted:          3/7/80
Amended:         1/16/81, 11/13/92, 1/24/97, 1/24/02, 11/18/05, 1/31/14, 4/6/18
Reviewed:        1/30/04