FNCD (TSBVI) Student Conduct: Use of Tobacco


Students are not permitted to smoke, use, or possess tobacco products, or e-cigarettes at any time on the TSBVI campus or at a school-related or school-sanctioned event.

“E-Cigarette” means any electronic cigarette or any other device that simulates smoking by using a mechanical heating element, battery, or electronic circuit to deliver nicotine or other substances to the individual inhaling from the device.  The term does not include a prescription medical device un related to the cessation of smoking.  The term includes:

  1. A device regardless of whether it is manufactured, distributed, or sold as an e-cigarette, e-cigar or e-pipe or under another product name or description; and
  2. A component, part, or accessory for the device, regardless of whether the component, part, or accessory is sold separately from the device.

Health and Safety Code 161.081(1-a)


The Board shall ensure that TSBVI personnel enforce the policies at a school-related or school-sanctioned event on or off school property.  Education Code 38.006 [See DH and GKA]

Adopted:         5/8/81

Amended:       9/17/87, 11/17/95, 8/9/99, 1/31/14, 8/9/19