EHA Curriculum Design: Basic Instructional Program


A parent is entitled to request, with the expectation that the request will not be unreasonably denied:

  1. The addition of a specific academic class in the course of study of the parent’s child in keeping with the required curriculum if sufficient interest is shown in the addition of the class to make it economically practical to offer the class.
  2. That the parent’s child be permitted to attend an academic class for credit above the child’s grade level, whether in the child’s school or another school, unless the Superintendent or his/her representative expects that the child cannot perform satisfactorily in the class.

The decision of the Superintendent may be appealed to the Board.

The decision of the Board concerning such a request is final and may not be appealed. (See Policy FNG)

Education Code 26.003(a)(3)(A)(B), (b)


A School employee is not required to obtain the consent of a child’s parent before the employee may videotape the child or record the child’s voice if the videotape or recording is to be used only for a purpose related to regular classroom instruction.

Education Code 26.009(b)(3)

Adopted: 5/24/96

Reviewed: 5/28/03, 1/28/05, 4/5/19

Amended: 1/24/97