EFC Instructional Resources: Community Instructional Resources


Based on the following premises, the Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that students at the School are provided appropriate opportunities for learning within the community:

  1. Students with visual impairments benefit from learning about the concepts of their world by participation in real environmental contexts.
  2. The extent to which a student with a visual impairment may benefit from instruction in real environmental contexts is related to the students prior experiences, knowledge, and ability to generalize and think abstractly.


The School shall provide to all students appropriate opportunities for learning in natural, community-based contexts such as community businesses, stores and recreational sites when such opportunities are necessary for the student to benefit from instruction.

Opportunities for learning in natural, community-based contexts shall be provided within the school programs and residential programs.


The Superintendent shall ensure that Community-based instruction is provided in a safe, effective and instructive manner.


The Superintendent shall ensure that procedures for use by school and residential staff are developed and implemented to address the following areas related to community-based instruction:

  1. Student supervision and safety, including procedures to be used in cases of emergency;
  2. Administrative approval of individual activities;
  3. Appropriate behavior of staff and students during community-based activities;
  4. Parental notification;
  5. Use of transportation;
  6. Relationship of activity to student instructional objectives;
  7. Student medical conditions and implications for community-based instruction; and
  8. Any other area considered important by the Superintendent.

Adopted: 11/14/97

Amended: 5/28/03

Reviewed: 4/5/13