EA (TSBVI) Instructional Goals and Objectives

Literacy and Math Plans

The Board shall adopt and post on the School’s website early childhood literacy and mathematics proficiency plans that set specific annual goals for the following five school years to reach quantifiable goals for student performance in reading and mathematics at each campus.

Each plan must:

  1. Identify annual goals for students in each group evaluated under Education Code 30.005 [see AIA (TSBVI)];
  2. Include annual goals for aggregate student growth on the third grade reading or mathematics assessment instrument, as applicable, administered under Education Code 39.023 [see EKB] or on an alternative assessment instrument determined by the Board;
  3. Provide for targeted professional development for classroom teachers in first, second, or third grade who are identified as not meeting the plan’s goals;
  4. Assign at least one district-level administrator or employee of the regional education service center (ESC 13) for the School’s region to:
    1. Coordinate implementation of the plan; and
    2. Submit an annual report to the Board on the School’s progress toward the goals set under the plan; and
  5. Be reviewed annually by the Board at a public meeting.
  6. Each plan may set separate goals for students in a special language program under Education Code Chapter 29, Subchapter B.

Professional Development

The professional development provided to classroom teachers under item 3, above, must consider the unique needs of students in a special language program under Education Code Chapter 29, Subchapter B.

Website Posting

TSBVI shall post the annual report described above on the School’s website. Education Code 11.185

[See AIB for annual report requirements.]

Adopted:         1/31/20

Amended:        4/6/20