DPB (TSBVI) Personnel Positions: Substitute, Temporary, and Part-Time Positions


State Board for Educator Certification requirements regarding assignment of certified employees apply to substitute teachers.  If TSBVI must employ a substitute teacher who is not certified, a list of the substitute teachers shall be retained in TSBVI’s files.  19 TAC 231.1(e)


If TSBVI assigns an inappropriately certified or uncertified teacher as defined in Policy DBA) to the same classroom for more than 30 consecutive instructional days during the same school year, it shall provide written notice of the assignment to the parents, or guardians, of students in that classroom.

The Superintendent shall provide the notice not later than the 30th instructional day after the date of the assignment of the inappropriately certified, or uncertified teacher.  TSBVI shall make a good-faith effort to ensure that the notice is provided in a bilingual form to any parent, or guardian, whose primary language is not English.  TSBVI shall retain a copy of the notice and make information related to teacher certification available to the public on request.  [See also Policy DBA (legal)]

Education Code 21.057


TSBVI shall obtain all criminal history record information that relates to a substitute teacher for the School or shared services arrangement through the Department of Public Safety’s criminal history clearinghouse.  [See DBAA]   Education Code 22.0836


Adopted: 3/7/80

Amended: 11/13/81, 3/12/82, 9/27/90, 1/25/91, 3/22/91, 8/26/94, 1/26/96, 5/25/00, 3/21/03, 1/26/18