DFAB Probationary Contracts: Termination at End of Year


A probationary contract employee may be terminated at the end of the contract period if the Board determines that such termination will serve the best interests of the School.


The Board shall give the employee notice of its decision to terminate the employment not later than the 10th day before the last day of instruction required under the contract.

The notice must be delivered personally by hand delivery on the campus at which the employee is employed. If the employee is not present on the campus on the date that hand delivery is attempted, the notice must be mailed by prepaid certified mail or delivered by express delivery service to the employee’s address of record with the School. Notice that is postmarked on or before the tenth day before the last day of instruction is considered timely for these purposes.

Education Code 21.103(a)


The Board’s decision to terminate a probationary employee at the end of a contract period is final and may not be appealed. Education Code 21.103(a)


Failure to give a probationary employee notice of termination within the time period described above obligates the Board to employ the probationary employee for the following school year. The contract will be for a position in the same capacity under:

  1. A probationary contract, if the person has been employed under a probationary contract for less than three consecutive school years; or
  2. A term contract according to TSBVI policy, if the person has been employed under a probationary contract for three consecutive school years. Education Code 21.103(b)

Adopted:         11/17/95

Amended:        1/24/02, 4/5/13, 4/6/20

Reviewed:       1/26/99