DEE Compensation and Benefits: Expense Reimbursement


During any year in which the Texas Education Agency (TEA) offers a classroom supply reimbursement program under which classroom teachers may be reimbursed for expending personal funds on classroom supplies, the School shall apply for a Teacher Supply Reimbursement Grant.

Matching Funds

The School shall match any funds provided to it under the reimbursement program with local funds to be used for the same purpose. The School may not use funds received under the reimbursement program to replace local funds used by the School for the same purpose.

Reimbursement for Classroom Supplies

Contingent upon the availability to the School of TEA funding under the Teacher Reimbursement Grant, the School shall reimburse classroom teachers for personal funds expended on classroom supplies within criteria imposed by law and administrative procedures. In requesting reimbursement, the teacher must document how the expenditure will benefit students.

Use of Funds

The School shall allow each classroom teacher in the School who is reimbursed under the reimbursement program to use the funds at the teacher’s discretion, except that the funds must be used for the benefit of the School’s students. The School may allow, but not require, teachers to pool their respective supply monies for the purchase of an item, as long as the item meets the student benefit criteria established by the School.

Education Code 21.413; 19 TAC 61.1081(d)(3)

Maximum Reimbursement

Total reimbursement to an individual teacher in a single year from the Teacher Supply Reimbursement Grant may not exceed $200. Reimbursements from local funds may exceed the matching requirement.

Unexpended Funds

Funds for each school year must be expended by July 31 of the school year in which they are awarded.

Requirements for Participating in the Reimbursement Program

During any year in which the classroom supply reimbursement program is offered by TEA, the School must:

  1. Reapply for the Teacher Supply Reimbursement Grant;
  2. Create a Teacher Supply Reimbursement Grant account separate from other accounts to which the grant shall be deposited and account for funds in accordance with applicable state and federal requirements;
  3. Deposit in the designated account an amount of local funds at least equal to the greater of the amount of the grant or the previous year’s expenditure on teacher supply reimbursements;
  4. “Local funds” are all funds over which the School exercises control or approval authority used to reimburse teachers for tangible items of direct benefit to students.
  5. Individual reimbursements from the Teacher Supply Reimbursement Grant must be matched with an equal amount of local funds.
  6. Ensure that items purchased with funds in the designated account are tangible items, of direct benefit to students.
  7. Submit a copy of this policy to TEA;
  8. Retain ownership of all durable goods purchased under this program, including goods of nominal value;
  9. Retain receipts obtained from teachers for reimbursement and make these records available for audit purposes; and
  10. Return unexpended Teacher Supply Reimbursement Grant balances at the end of the state fiscal year for which they were awarded.

Noncompliance and Expenditure Reduction

If the School is found to be in noncompliance with TEA’s rules regarding the Teacher Supply Reimbursement Grant program, the School must reimburse the state for funds unaccounted for or used for purposes not meeting with the requirements of the statute.

If the School is found to have reduced its local expenditures, the School may be required to refund the entire grant to the state.

Dispute Resolution and Appeals

A determination by the School’s Board of Trustees of any dispute involving teacher reimbursement is final and may not be appealed to TEA, except as provided in Education Code 7.057. Nothing in this provision precludes TEA from recovering funds from the School pursuant to an audit.

A determination by TEA in the administration of this program is final and may not be appealed.

(TEA regulations under Education Code 21.413 expire September 1, 2007.)

19 TAC 61.1081


An employee of the School who is engaged in official business may participate in the Texas Building and Procurement Commission’s contract for travel services.

Texas Government Code 2171.055(f)


An employee shall be reimbursed for reasonable, allowable expenses incurred in carrying out the School’s business only with the prior approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor.


For any authorized expense incurred, the employee shall submit a statement, with receipts to the extent feasible, documenting actual expenses and in accordance with administrative procedures.


Reimbursement for authorized travel shall be in accordance with legal requirements.

Accounting records shall accurately reflect that no state or federal funds were used to reimburse travel expenses beyond those authorized for state employees.

ADOPTED: 7/23/04