COD Canteen Operation and Control

Canteen Operation

TSBVI may operate an on-campus canteen as a vocational instructional site to offer food service at mealtimes and during other times of the day.

See Texas Education Code 30.021(f)

Fees for Meals for Employees

The Superintendent shall determine the fee for meals for employees.  The fee may not exceed the direct and indirect costs of preparation of a meal.

See General Appropriations Act 2009, Article IX, Section 13.01


The Superintendent shall ensure that procedures are developed for internal control of the operation and supervision of the canteen.

Fiscal Accounting Reports

No less than annually, the Director of Accounting will submit to the Superintendent a status report addressing all fiscal matters relating to the operation of the canteen.

Deposit of Proceeds

Proceeds from the operation of the canteen shall be deposited to the credit of the School’s accounts in the State Treasury.

Adopted:          4/13/79

Amended:        9/29/95, 5/23/97, 5/28/03, 3/28/08, 11/19/10, 1/28/11