CBA (TSBVI) – State and Federal Revenue Sources: State


The funding of the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired consists of:

  1. money the legislature specifically appropriates to the school;
  2. money the agency allocates to the school under this code;
  3. money paid under a contract or other agreement;
  4. money the school receives through a gift or bequest;
  5. a payment the school receives from a school district under Education Code 30.003; and
  6. the school’s share of the available school fund and payments to compensate for payments no longer made from the available school fund.
  7. money received from federal grants and programs (See Policy CBB)

Education Code 30.025


The School receives General Revenue Appropriations biennially from the State Legislature.  Education Code 30.025(1)

The board has jurisdiction over the physical assets of the School and shall administer and spend appropriations made for the benefit of the School except that the Texas Facilities Commission shall provide all facilities maintenance services for the physical facilities of the School as provided by Texas Government Code 2165.007, including services related to facilities construction, facilities management, general building and grounds maintenance, cabling, and facility reconfiguration. Education Code 30.022(h)(1); Gov’t. Code 2165.007

Memorandum of Understanding

The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) and the School shall enter into a memorandum of understanding that establishes a plan for the identification and transfer of the records, personnel, property, and unspent appropriations of the School that are used for purposes of the TFC’s powers and duties related to the maintenance of the School’s physical facilities.  The Board of Trustees of the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired authorizes the Superintendent to collaborate with the TFC in the development of this memorandum of understanding.  Education Code 30.022


For each student enrolled in the TSBVI, the School is entitled to state available school fund apportionment.

The commissioner, with the assistance of the comptroller, shall determine the amount that the TSBVI would have received from the available school fund if Chapter 28, Acts of the 68th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, 1984, had not transferred statutory dedicated taxes from the available school fund to the foundation school fund.  That amount, minus any amount the schools do receive from the available school fund, shall be set apart as a separate account in the Foundation School Fund and appropriated to those schools for educational purposes.  Education Code 30.003(e)(f)

The commissioner shall determine the total amount that the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Texas School for the Deaf would have received from school districts in accordance with this section if H.B. No. 1, Acts of the 79th Legislature, 3rd Called Session, 2006, had not reduced the districts’ share of the cost of providing education services.  That amount, minus any amount both Schools do receive from school districts, shall be set aside as a separate account in the Foundation School Fund and appropriated to those schools for educational purposes.  Education Code 30.003(f)(1)


For each student enrolled in the TSBVI, the school district that is responsible for providing appropriate special education services to the student shall share the cost of the student’s education.

If the student is admitted to the School for a full-time program for the equivalent of two long semesters, the district’s share of the cost is an amount equal to the dollar amount of maintenance and debt services taxes imposed by the district for that year, divided by the district’s average daily attendance for the preceding year.

If the student is admitted for a program less than two complete semesters in duration, other than a summer program, the district’s share of the cost is an amount equal to the amount that would be the district’s share for a full-time program, multiplied by the quotient resulting from the number of full-time equivalent days in the program, divided by the minimum number of days of instruction for students provided by Section 25.081 of the Education Code.

Each school district and state institution shall provide to the commissioner the necessary information to determine the district’s share.  The commissioner shall deduct that amount from the payment of foundation school funds payable to the district.  Each deduction shall be in the same percentage of the total amount of the district’s share as the percentage of the total Foundation School Fund entitlement being paid to the district at the time of the deduction, except that the amount of any deduction may be modified to make necessary adjustments, or to correct errors.  The commissioner shall provide for remitting the amount deducted to the appropriate school at the same time at which the remaining funds are distributed to the district.  If the district does not receive Foundation School Funds, or if a district’s foundation school entitlement is less than the amount of the district’s share under this section, the commissioner shall direct the district to remit payment to the commissioner, and the commissioner shall remit the district’s share to the appropriate school.  Educ. Code 30.003(a)(b)(c)(d), 19 TAC 89.62


A district shall participate in the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) and shall provide through that system information required for the administration of Education Code Chapter 48 (Foundation School Program) and of other appropriate provisions of the Education Code.  Data standards, established by the commissioner of education, shall be used by a district to submit required information.  Education Code 30.022(d); 19 TAC 61.1025(b)

Adopted:         3/7/80

Amended:       9/27/91, 3/25/94, 9/29/95, 11/15/96, 08/07/15, 4/6/18, 1/31/20

Reviewed:       9/24/99, 3/26/02