BDAA School Board Internal Organization: Board Officers and Officials

This policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of board members.


The Board shall be organized to include:

  1. A president, who shall be a member of the Board.
  2. A vice-president, who shall be a member of the Board.
  3. A secretary, who may or may not be a member of the Board.
  4. Such other officers and committees as the Board may deem necessary.


Each Board officer shall be elected, or re-elected, by majority vote of a quorum of the Board members at the January meeting of each even-numbered year and shall serve for a term of two (2) years unless he, or she, resigns prior to the end of the term.


In addition to the biennial election of officers, the Board may also organize at other times.
Atty. Gen. OP. MW-531 (1982)


A vacancy among officers of the Board, other than the President, shall be filled by majority action of the Board. A vacancy in the Presidency shall be filled by the Vice-President, and a new Vice-President shall be elected.

Elected officers shall serve until the biennial election of Board officers at the January meeting of the following even-numbered year.


The President of the Board shall be the administrative leader of the Board and, as such, shall:

Budget Preparation

1.   Ensure that the biennial budget and other budget documents required by law are prepared in a   timely manner for presentation to the Legislature, or the Legislative Budget Board, as appropriate.

Budget Records and Reports

2.   Ensure that all budget documents and financial statements, forms and reports are submitted in a timely manner, as required by law.

Establish Committees

3.   Propose committees of the Board, for Board approval; and appoint members to committees created by the Board, including a committee chairperson and vice-chairperson.

Mineral Rights

4.   Execute an oil and/or gas lease or sell, exchange, and convey the minerals, or any part thereof, in land belonging to the School upon terms the Trustees deem advisable and which the commissioner of the General Land Office approves. Chapter 34, subchapter H of Chapter 52 and Section 52.133 of the Natural Resources Code


5.   Execute the deed for the sale of property, other than minerals, held in trust for free school purposes, subject to approval by the commissioner of the General Land Office. Chapter 34, Subchapter H of Chapter 52 and Section 52.133 of the Natural Resources Code

Approval for Convention, Conference, Workshop Attendance

6.   Approve or disapprove requests from an individual board member to receive payment or reimbursement from the School to attend a convention, conference, or workshop other than one approved, arranged, or scheduled for the participation of the Board as a whole.

Adopted: 1/29/93
Amended: 11/19/93, 11/15/96, 11/22/02, 1/31/03, 1/30/04, 5/31/11, 1/31/14