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Obtain proposal(s) to sustain current 3 Megabit/per second T-1 service for public access to the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired's public web site (

General Specifications

  • Must be compatible with school's existing Cisco network routers and switches
  • Provide for the routing of TCP/IP protocols
  • Must reliably provide a data transmission rate equivalent to two 1.5 Mbps T-1 Lines. Two 1.5 Mbps T-1 Lines are currently in service to equal 3 Mbps.

Performance Considerations

Each company offering a proposal must be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Provide number of resident technicians in the Austin area and the average per-call response time
  • Number of existing circuits supported and list of contact references
  • Document performance expectations for disaster response and recovery time
  • Amount of local inventory maintained
  • Number of employees available for implementation support
  • Number of locally available design consultants
  • Document company solvency and provide samples of billing presentation
  • Number of years experience as service provider in Texas
  • Certification of good standing
  • Location of company headquarters
  • Number of employees in Texas
  • Percent of service resources company-owned versus leased
  • Provide information on the availability and reliability of proposed internet access services 

Current Service Provider

Texas Department of Information Resources 

Contact Information

Please refer any questions concerning the proposal to Craig Abbe, E-Rate Coordinator, (512) 206-9211 or e-mail

Due Date

Proposals must be submitted either electronically or by document by 01/15/16.
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