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Obtain proposal(s) to sustain:

High-speed fiber optic cable access to IntraLata PVC rated at 1.25 Gbps.

Multiple data and circuit switched T-1 connections for video conferencing via fiber optic cable to support statewide distance education and workshops for students and instructional staff.

General Specifications

  • Provide network capacity equivalent of a Gigaman connection (rated at 1.25 Gigabits/per second)
  • Connect existing TSBVI Cisco equipment to new network functions and capacities
  • Provide capacity for TSBVI Cisco PBX system to private (Texas) networked IP phone connections
  • Provide for the routing of multiple protocols for future expansion and circuit consolidation

Performance Considerations

Successful provider must be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Authorized provider of Tex-An services under authority of HB1545, passed during the 2001 legislative session
  • Provide number of resident technicians in the Austin area and the average per-call response time
  • Number of existing circuits supported and list of contact references
  • Document performance expectations for disaster response and recovery time
  • Amount of local inventory maintained
  • Number of employees available for implementation support
  • Number of locally available design consultants
  • Document company solvency and provide samples of billing presentation
  • Number of years experience as service provider in Texas
  • Certification of good standing
  • Location of company headquarters
  • Number of employees in Texas
  • Percent of service resources company-owned versus leased
  • Provide information on the available and reliability of proposed telecommunication services

Current Service Provider


Contact Information

Please refer any questions concerning the proposal to Craig Abbe, E-Rate Coordinator, (512) 206-9211 or e-mail

Due Date

Proposals must be submitted either electronically or by document by 1/15/16.

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