School Support Services

The Support Services Department consists of several different operations that directly support the student and the campus in ensuring that we meet the objectives set forth by our mission statement and guidance of our board of trustees.

The Support Services Team

Brian Swegle

Director of School Support Services

Operations and Support Services are responsible for all campus-related operations working alongside the Texas Facilities Commission.

Stacy Correa

Safety and Security Program Supervisor

Christopher Pfeffer

Transportation Supervisor

Transportation is a supported system of the operations program that assists the campus by safely transporting students to numerous destinations with a team of certified mechanics that see to the fleet's operations.

Jack Blackmon

Printing and Document Center Specialist

The printing and document center services the needs of the campus by meeting all of the curriculum and documents printing needs. Some services include large format printing to binding and combing booklets.

Marvin Adcock

Warehouse Supervisor

The warehouse service the needs of the office of the property asset officer and the needs of all shipping elements on behalf of the agency.

David Knack

Property Management Supervisor

The maintenance and property management team are responsible for all building upkeep, repairs and enhancements to the campus structure and its surrounding auxiliary systems.

Ofelia Matamoros

Custodial Supervisor

The custodial department is responsible for all cleaning, sanitizing, and overall cleanliness of 36 buildings including all residential dormitories.

David Rose

Grounds Crew Supervisor

The grounds crew is responsible for maintaining all forty acres of the campus ensuring they meet all the seasonal needs of the campus and maintaining the irrigation system of the campus.

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