SB 20 Reporting

SB 20 information/TSBVI Contract Management Guide

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI), a Texas state agency, receives less than the stated General Appropriations Act aggregate amount for a state fiscal biennium that requires the posting of:

  • (1) an analysis of all agency expenditures during the two preceding state fiscal years that lists each county in the state and states for each county the amount of agency expenditures made in or for the benefit of the county;
  • (4) a listing and description of all contracts with vendors that have a value exceeding $100,000 that the agency has entered into and that are currently being performed or for which performance has not yet begun;

Texas Government Code 2054.126 (d), (1), (4)

Archived FY16-20 Reporting 11/6/20

TSBVI Contract Management Guide

TSBVI Procurement Contact

Cyrenna B. Villegas, CTPM, CTCM
Director of Procurement
[email protected] (prefers email)
(512) 206-9205