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  • RJ Cooper- This site is run by Mr. RJ Cooper and offers a variety of switch software demos for the Macintosh and Windows environment. The site also features SAM (Switch-Adapted Mouse devices/interfaces - page 15) and Intellikeys (alternative keyboard). Don’t miss out on the Biggy Cursor for Mac and Windows.
  • Don Johnston Inc.- to receive demos for Write Outloud, Co-Writer, and Clicker Plus you will need to contact the company directly. Write Outloud is a talking word processor, Co-Writer is a word prediction software, and Clicker Plus is a talking on-screen keyboard for writing and communication. It also lets students type text, enter keyboard commands and speak phrases from the screen.
    800.999.4660- USA & CANADA
    847.526.2682- USA & GLOBAL
    847.526.4177- USA, FAX
    E-mail to:
    America Online:
    Web Site:
    Don Johnston Inc.
    1000 N Rand Rd, Bldg 115
    PO Box 639
    Wauconda IL 60084-0639
  • Intellitools- this company manufactures the alternative keyboard, Intellikeys. It also has a Windows or Macintosh Access Pak, which includes Overlay Maker, Clickit, Intellipics and Intellitalk (a talking word processor). This site also has a plethora of already created activities and overlays.
  • Aisquared- this site is home to Zoomtext Xtra! Although you can download a demo from the Screen Magnifiers Page, this is where the most up to date version will reside. Once the page is loaded, you will need to click the trial version button. This site requires you to fill out a form before you can download the demo.
  • Henter Joyce Inc.- this site is home to MAGIC screen enlargement software. Yes, this is the same company that makes JAWS, but they also supply a demo for MAGIC.
  • Dolphin Systems Inc.- this site is home to LUNAR, a screen magnifier. It also is home to HAL, a screen review software, and a variety of other products. You will need to click the PRODUCTS button to see all software demos.
  • ALVA Access Group- this company provides demos of inLARGE for the Mac and outSPOKEN for Mac and Windows.
  • GW Micro Inc.- this company offers a demo of WindowEyes, a screen review software. You will need to have a speech synthesizer to make it work. You will need to click on You can load the DecTalk demo first and choose this when asked for a speech synthesizer.
  • Fonix Inc.- this site has a DecTalk speech synthersizer software demo. You can use this software synthesizer with your WindowEyes demo. Versions available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000, Windows CE, and Linux . Follow the instructions on using the demo.

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