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Self-Determination Units and Lessons

Use with Strategies for Communicating with Others about Access Lesson 12:  Personal Preferences for Access to Visual Media

Directions:  Indicate which method of access you use most often for each of media.

  • RP-; I use regular print (no optical devices)
  • LP- I use large print
  • B/T- I use braille/tactile materials
  • OD- I use an optical device (telescope, magnifier, cell phone, tablet)
  • WH- I can do this if someone helps me
  • X- I can’t do this yet

diagrams and charts in science / social studies books            
small visual screens (cell phone, microwave key pad)            
store receipts            
food boxes and cans            
my handwritten notes            
board games            
library books            
Interactive board or classroom board            
projector screen            
computer monitor            
information on classroom walls            
sporting events & performances            
school assemblies