Teacher Aide II – IV

WORKING TITLE:  Teacher Aide II – IV
DEPARTMENT:  Comprehensive Programs   
TWC JOB ORDER:  16260658
MONTHLY SALARY:  Depending on qualifications, $3,467.00 minimum
SHIFT:  Monday – Thursday 7:15am – 4:00pm / Friday 7:15am – 2:45pm
OPENING DATE:  10/18/2023
Until Filled
CLASSIFICATION / GROUP #:  0813, 0814, 0815 / A13, A15, A17      

Ways to Apply                                                         


  • Maintains familiarity with health and instructional information regarding assigned students, and adheres to those specifications when implementing programming.
  • Cooperates with other staff in implementing the instructional program for assigned students.
  • Informs teacher of all significant events or changes related to students in classroom.
  • Assists in the assessment of student needs as requested by teacher.
  • Assists teachers in preparing IEP progress reports, behavior plans and other documentation for program monitoring.
  • Participates in ARD and team meetings for students as required.
  • Monitors, implements effective programming for, and documents student behavior in a prompt manner as required by teacher.
  • Continues professional growth and development, including participating in all assigned in-service training.
  • Utilizes effective teaching techniques and classroom strategies to accommodate the various learning styles and modes of students.
  • Monitors the safety of students.
  • Interacts and responds with verbal and non-verbal blind or visually impaired students.
  • Attends work regularly in accordance with TSBVI leave policy.
  • Complies with all agency policies and procedures.
  • Performs related work as assigned.


Teacher Aide II (0813 – A13): 

  • High school graduation or equivalent
  • Completion of two years (60 hours if institution considers 15 hours/semester as full-time or 48 hours if institution considers 12 hours/semester as full-time) coursework from an accredited college or university [Original college or university transcript(s) required at time of interview]
  • One-year full-time experience working with children with disabilities plus one year of college plus a passing score on a local or state paraprofessional assessment**
  • Two years’ full-time experience working with children with disabilities plus a passing score on a local or state paraprofessional assessment
    ** If the applicant selected for the position has not passed a local or state assessment, the applicant will be offered the position contingent upon passing the TSBVI paraprofessional assessment administered during the interview.
  • Must receive TEA certification as an Educational Aide III (at your own expense) within 6 months of beginning employment
  • Must know or be willing to learn advanced sign language (for certain assignments)
  • Must have sufficient physical strength to assist in lifting and/or transferring students up to adult age
  • Ability to communicate, receptively and expressively, through both sign language and oral speech, or just oral speech, with ASL fluent and non-signing staff and students
  • Good writing and data collection skills

Teacher Aide III (0814 – A15):

  • Teacher Aide II qualifications
  • At least two years full-time experience as a Teacher Aide II at TSBVI with an overall rating of exceeding expectations on last performance appraisal
  • Three years of external classroom experience as a teacher or teacher aide
  • Assists with training and mentoring other TAs

Teacher Aide IV (0815 – A17):


  • Intermediate Sign Language Proficiency: Able to discuss with some confidence routine social and work topics within a conversational format with some elaboration; generally, 3-to-5 sentences. Good knowledge and control of everyday/basic sign language vocabulary with some sign vocabulary errors. Fairly clear signing at a moderate signing rate with some sign mis-productions. Fair use of some sign language grammatical features and fairly good comprehension for a moderate-to-normal signing rate; a few repetitions and rephrasing of questions may be needed.
  • Completion of college level coursework in child development, education, psychology, vocational or closely related field.
  • Experience working with children and youth with disabilities in a classroom or work setting.
  • Experience working with students with multiple disabilities.
  • Must be approved to drive state vehicles.
  • Familiar with Braille.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • Completion of training related to students with visual and multiple impairments.

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