Deafblind Intervener

DEPARTMENT:  Comprehensive Programs
POSTING #:  23-008
TWC JOB ORDER:  15681807
MONTHLY SALARY:  $3,500.00 minimum
SHIFT:  M-F 7:15 – 3:45
OPENING DATE:  10/24/2022
CLOSING DATE:   Until Filled
CLASSIFICATION /GROUP #:    5091 / B14  

Ways to Apply 

Essential Job Functions

  • Provide direct support to a student who is deafblind during all or part of a school day as part of an educational team, and as indicated in the student’s IEP.
  • Follows the student’s IEP and the modifications and instructional techniques recommended by related service staff.
  • Facilitates access to the environmental information that is usually gained through vision and hearing, but which is unavailable or incomplete to the child who is deafblind.
  • Facilitates the development and/or use of receptive and expressive communication skills.
  • Develops and maintains a trusting, interactive relationship that can promote social and emotional well‐being for the child who is deafblind.
  • Becomes proficient in students’ individual communication methods and strategies; Provides assistance to students in the use of sign language or other non-verbal forms of communication.
  • Creates instructional materials as needed.
  •  Accompanies and supports the student during community-based instruction.
  • Help the teacher as needed to maintain communication between home and school (e.g., keep a daily log of information about the student and his/her activities).
  • Participates in site-based, regional, and statewide training for deafblind education as needed.
  • Collaborates in a team model; Cooperates with other staff in implementing the instructional program for assigned students.
  • Works in close physical proximity to students while frequently using touch to communicate with and instruct students who are primarily tactile learners.
  • Demonstrates frustration tolerance, emotional maturity, stability, and ability to perform under stress.
  • Shows ability to exercise good judgment, cooperation, tact, and discretion in dealing with the student, family, and others.
  • Shows interest in developing additional knowledge and skills.
  • Follows team decisions, established policies and procedures, and designated lines of communication and authority.
  • Maintains familiarity with health and instructional information regarding assigned students, and adheres to those specifications when implementing programming.
  • Informs teacher of all significant events or changes related to students in the classroom.
  • Monitor, implement effective programming for, and document student behavior in a prompt manner as required by the teacher.
  • Participates in professional growth and development, including participating in all assigned in-service training.
  • Monitors the safety of students.
  • Assist the teacher with some of the more routine classroom duties including overall teacher assistance, material development, classroom support, maintaining a clean and orderly classroom, participation in meetings, and being an active member of the school’s educational team.
  • Attends work regularly in accordance with TSBVI leave policy and procedure.
  • Complies with all agency policies, procedures, and handbooks.
  • Performs related work as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Completion of a 2-year program of studies in the area of intervener for deafblind.
  • Certification as an intervener by the National Intervener Credentialing Program or the National Intervener Certification E-Portfolio.
  • Must have sufficient physical strength to assist in lifting and/or transferring students up to adult age.
  • Ability to communicate, receptively and expressively, through both sign language and oral speech, with ASL fluent and non-signing staff and students.
  • Good writing and data collection skills.
  • Proficient to fluent in sign language.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Eligible to be approved to drive state vehicles.
  • Familiar with Braille and Nemeth code.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • Sign language skills equivalent to a Signed Communication Proficiency Inventory (SCPI) level of intermediate to advanced.

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