Electrifying News – Summer Programs Begin!

I hope everyone took time over Memorial Day weekend to remember those we’ve lost and especially those who gave their lives in military service. TSBVI values and respects our Veterans and the individuals that have served with them.

On Sunday, we welcome our first group of summer students! Please remember that summer programs are an important part of our school’s mission. Although many have vacation planned, we continue normal business operations during this time to ensure support for our summer employees, too. In other words, please make sure back-ups are in place to cover for those out-of-office.

The 88th Texas Legislature Regular Session adjourned last week. As reported earlier this year, we received base funding to cover raises already provided within the past year and the state approved additional salary increases for classified employees in the amount of 5% this year and next year with a minimum of $3000/ year increase. When we have more details, we will share. In addition, we received funding for increasing accessibility of our playground, generators to provide some back-up power in emergency situations, safety and security upgrades, Wi-Fi updates, and increased transportation funding.

Finally, I have a book recommendation. I just finished reading, “What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing” by Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey, which I was able to checkout via audio book from the public library. While offering a direct link to better understanding our students, it also provided insight into myself, my co-workers, my family, and friends. In an effort to understand “Trauma Informed Care” I appreciated their emphasis on “Post-Traumatic Wisdom.”

Have a great week!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent