Electrifying News – Staff Appreciation

We sincerely thank everyone who braved the cold weather to come into work last Tuesday. Many worked remotely, but special thanks to those who were required to come into campus and those who traveled around the state. Your efforts were essential in safely serving our students and we are incredibly grateful for your dedication.

As a reminder, the TSBVI Campus Culture Committee is seeking additional participants to attend our monthly meetings and provide insight and ideas surrounding inclusion, equity, and more. Our next meeting will be held Thursday from 3:15 – 4:15 pm in Zoom. If you have questions prior to participating, please contact Angela Wolf.

Upcoming events include a “Shelter in Place” drill specific to weather at 8:55 am on Thursday. We also have a Board Meeting Scheduled for February 2nd. During this meeting the following staff will be recognized for their exceptional work as nominated by their peers. Congratulations!

Outstanding Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments: Patrick Healy
Outstanding Teacher of Students with Visual and Multiple Impairments: Eva VanHouten
Outstanding Residential Staff Member: Bridgette Wolfe
Outstanding Paraprofessional: Nelda Camarillo
Outstanding Related Service Provider: Maribeth Betton
Outstanding Outreach Service Provider: Donna Clemens
Outstanding Outreach Support Staff: Suzanne Becker

Best of luck to students and staff traveling to the Mississippi School for the Blind this week to participate in the annual South Central Association of Schools for the Blind (SCASB) cheerleading, wrestling, and performing arts competition. Safe travels and Go Wildcats!

Have a great week,
Emily Coleman, Superintendent