Electrifying News – Semi-Modulars “Best in Austin 2024”

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The TSBVI Semi-Modulars have been named the Best of Austin 2024 “Coolest School Band” by the Austin Chronicle. Congratulations to the students and their musical director, Dan Butler, who bring their talents to the greater Austin community. You can check out the Semi-Modulars music online.

The Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities announced 2024 Deafblind Awareness Week would be June 23-29, as proclaimed by Governor Abbott. This proclamation aligns with Helen Keller’s birthday, which is June 27th. Happy Birthday, Helen!

Helen Keller is by far the most famous person who was Deafblind and she was also a social activist and suffragette. She once said, “I have no patience with women who say, ‘Oh, I can’t do anything about solving this problem. Time adjusts all things.’ That is not true. Wrong things cannot work themselves right. We, ourselves, must always work them right.” (August 1931)

Have a great week!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent