Electrifying News – Prom this Week

As a reminder, please be sure to send anyone without a badge, contractors badge, or visitors badge to the front of building 600 to check in. Please do not let anyone into a building without proof that they’ve already signed in. Remember there’s no need for confrontation, simply ask if you can be of assistance and show them where to go.

It’s a busy week at TSBVI! We have a Board Meeting today and we are also welcoming the Mentor Center participants. Thanks to those of you allowing observations in your classrooms. This is one of the many ways each of us can impact the education of the 11,000 students across Texas; through the demonstration of quality instruction and modeling what accessibility should look like.

On Wednesday, our TSBVI students in 10th grade and up will be attending Prom! We look forward to seeing staff and students all dressed up at the big event. Thanks to Family Lynx for supporting family participation and to the prom committee for all their work.

Contractors continue working around campus waterproofing buildings, so please be mindful of closed sidewalks. We’re also getting replacement sunshades for the playground, so expect closures in that area coming soon. We have school Friday to make up for bad weather in February, but Monday remains a student holiday.

Have a great week!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent