Electrifying News – Local Student Events

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We have a big week for local student performances. The Semi-Modulars will be performing tomorrow night at 6:30 pm at Billy’s on Burnet and Hancock Dr. On Thursday, the TSBVI Mariachi Band and the Semi-Modulars will be performing at 5:30 pm at Central Market on N. Lamar. I’m looking forward to supporting our students in the community.

As mentioned earlier, we had students participate in a STEM competition called “Make48” recently at the Kansas School for the Blind. In an updated Sizzle reel you can check out our students along with peers from around the country. The images set to music show students shopping for supplies, collaborating on design projects, being interviewed for TV footage, and generally having a great time creating.

STAAR testing continues, so please be mindful of noise in the hallways. This weekend we had students participate in the NFB Annual Student Summit in Austin and the Spanish Club hit up Fiesta in San Antonio and the beach in Corpus Christi. Enrichment activities can be so empowering and I’m grateful students have these opportunities.

Have a great week!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent