Electrifying News – Garver Gives

Garver Engineering recently presented TSBVI with a $20,000 donation for our Makerspace. Thanks “Garver Gives!” Much appreciation to Chris Correll for recommending and facilitating student program additions and to all the TSBVI staff working to support these efforts.

Today we have our first Instructional Planning Council meeting in the Building 600 Boardroom at 3:15pm. Agenda items include an introduction of committee members, state assessment results from last year, and an overview of performance indicator results. Thanks to those staff and families who have agreed to serve.

Friday, September 16th, is Mexican Independence Day! This day celebrates Mexico’s declaration of independence from Spain in 1810. Building 606 will have an informal celebration with optional festive attire and dancing.

Region 13 recently held a Safety Summit attended by myself and Stacy Correa. We reviewed new safety requirements and also discussed situational awareness. On Wednesday, we will have an all-campus lockdown drill. Remember to follow these three commands, “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight.”

Finally, due to student and staff sensitivities to fragrances, TSBVI is a fragrance-free campus. Please do not wear heavily scented products such as perfume, aftershave, scented lotion, and related products. I sometimes forget the serious health issues triggered by strong scents myself, so let’s help each other out.

Have a great week!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent