Electrifying News – First Day of Classes!

Campus Activities Board Meeting

At the August 5th meeting of the Board of Trustees, the annual budget was approved along with other important items. The Board also received budget training on August 4th, which included a five minute video presentation broadly explaining our funding. If you’re interested in TSBVI’s funding, please view the video and reach out if you have any follow-up questions. During the meeting, the Board also received extensive safety and security information.

During the service pin recognition last week, we forgot to mention Dr. Kay Pruett who has 20 years of service with TSBVI! Congrats to Kay and again to everyone recognized for being “TSBVI people.” We appreciate you!

Yesterday, students returned to TSBVI for our annual registration event. We are starting the year with 130 registered students. Of those students, 108 are participating in our residential program and 22 will be day students. Thanks to everyone who came in on a Sunday to welcome our students and families and set them up for a successful year.

Have a great week!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent