Electrifying News – Congrats TAER Awardees!

This week, TSBVI welcomes two researchers from State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport studying movement in relation to students who are blind, low vision, and deafblind. Thanks to Diane Broadway for helping get participants, to Veronica Keating for scheduling students, and for all the instructional staff coordinating this effort. The field of research for the benefit of our students is slim and we work with universities often to promote their work.

I have two brief operational updates. The Human Resources Office has changed their operating hours from 8 am – 4 pm and will only close for lunch on special occasions. Also, the Burnet Road gate will be open for vehicles from about 6 am – 8:45 am and 3:25 pm – 6:30 pm. Due to an error in the gate’s construction, the pedestrian gate will be closed during those same time slots. We are working with contractors to alter the vehicle and/ or pedestrian gate, but must remain flexible until it’s fixed.

On Monday, April 3rd, our Board of Trustees will be meeting on campus at 10:15 am with a Zoom option available. The agenda can be found on our website. In addition to covering business, the Board will be enjoying lunch with TSBVI’s Student Council.

Congratulations to TSBVI’s Texas AER Award winners, Haley Moberg and Cecelia Robinson. We’re proud to have you representing our students and programs! I also attended excellent conference sessions presented by members of our team. Thanks for highlighting your exceptional work and the work of others. Finally, thanks to Kate Borg for serving as the TAER President this year. We appreciate your service.

There will be no school Friday to recognize Cesar Chavez Day. Although it is not a paid state holiday, we value the importance of recognizing his activism and civil rights leadership.

Have a great week!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent